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Active Again….This time Mobile

Just installed WordPress app for Android so I can post while on the road.  Giving it a try.  Including a picture from my IT office. Advertisements

Inactivity Sucks!

The summer of 07 is now passed and as the weather turns colder I find myself at the keyboard again.   I know that I haven’t posted on RF Radiation or The Learning to Fly…Together podcasts.  Tina and I were able to get in the studio and record some episodes.   We put one up on the … Continue reading

Up Active Again

Well it has been a long time.   Things have been extremely busy around here and alot to post about.   For now it is late here and I just got back from a 3 day trip and time to go to bed.   I will post tomorrow about the many things that have happened in the last … Continue reading

In Portland

In my hotel room on day 3 of 5 day trip.   Went to the Bay area and LA area today and back into Portland.   Working on the post production editing of the Learning to Fly…Together Podcast.  Hopefully will have it posted by tomorrow morning before I have to fly to Denver and back. Rob

On the Road Again

Out for a 5 day trip. Up and down the west coast mainly and then home on Sunday. Then I have vacation and don’t have to go to work until May 18. Standard spring work planned and work on the grounds. Have the laptop with me so will be able to blog and do the … Continue reading

Sorrow while in Mexico City, I learn of the Virgina Tech Massacre

I woke up in my hotel room in Mexico City after flying all night on April 16th. I turned on the TV as I got dressed, I learned of the Virginia Tech shootings. It was somewhat similar to the morning when I woke up on September 11, 2001 in a hotel room on a layover. … Continue reading


Just stepped inside the house after a 3 day trip to Mexico City. Spend most of the time sleeping trying to ward off an oncoming flu or cold. Need to go to sleep tonight to keep ahead of it. Made a audioblog recording while in Mexico City as I watch the coverage of the VT … Continue reading

Off to Mexico City

Not taking the laptop to Mexico so no posts until I get back on Tuesday. Only had day home and now it is off again. I can’t wait until I can get home and stay awhile. Two more trips this month and then 3 weeks off for vacation. I can’t wait.

Long and Tiring Day

Just got home after 13 hours away. Just starting to unpack and do my laundry so I can leave for a 3 day Mexico City trip tomorrow. I don’t think I will go to church tomorrow becasue I need to sleep all morning so I can fly all night. Today was thearter meetings all morning … Continue reading

Back home and survived another Friday the 13th!

Home late tonight, in fact it is early Saturday morning. Have been gone all week in recurrent training for work. Now comes the homecoming ritual of phasing back into the family. Have been disconnected this week because my mind has been on training. Makes it more diffucult to get caught up on what the family … Continue reading