About RF Radiation

RF Radiation is the personal blog of Rob Fisher. Rob has been married to his wife Tina, for 23 years. Together they have four kids ranging from their daughter 18 years old, to three boys at 17, 12 and 10 years old. Rob and his family lives in rural Eastern Washington State on 6 acres with access to an airstrip and a lake. Amongst the grounds around the hangar and house lives the families’ 4 horses, 3 dogs, numerous cats and parakeets.

When not at home, Rob is at his job as a Boeing 737 Captain for a major airline. Besides a professional pilot, Rob is also a certified flight instructor and airframe/powerplant mechanic. He is teaching Tina and his oldest son to fly out of their home. The family owns a Cessna 150 to help fufill the dream of Tina getting her pilot’s license. The kids also want to learn to fly so the Cessna will be getting alot of activity for years to come. If you are intersted in the families aviation activities you can go to www.learningtoflytogether.com and follow along with the podcast and blog.

Another interest of the family is Amateur Radio. Rob, WA7RF is an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator. Tina, KD7MMX is a General Class and their oldest daughter and middle son are Technician Class Amateur Radio Operators. The oldest son is a General Class ham also. The youngest son is studying for his Technician Class license so he can use the families’ radio stations. We have a HF/VHF/UHF base station in which we can make worldwide contacts. Our vehicles are equipped with VHF stations and all of us have portable handheld radios to stay in contact when the cell phones don’t work.

Now that you know a little about Rob and his family you may understand the meaning behind the name of this blog. RF in the electronics world means Radio Frequency. RF Radiation is a the technical term for radio wave transmissions. RF is Rob’s intials and the suffix of his ham radio call WA7RF. Therefore RF Radiation is Rob’s transmissions of his thoughts, interests, concerns and ramblings using the internet instead of the ether.

The RF Radiation blog will have multiple categories. The categories will be topical here on the blog. For example, Journal will be entries about where and what Rob is doing. Ham Radio will cover the entries involving Rob and the families’ radio hobby. Flying will be those entries about our flying fun.   Computers will be about Rob’s other passion of computers including, Linux, Mac,  networking,  and so on.  Gadgets and Gizmos covers the numerous gadgets that Rob has used or owns such as GPS, PSP and cell phones.  You get the idea that the categories will be self explainatory.

Most of the aviation related entries and stories will be on the Learning to Fly… Together podcast and blog. The Learning to Fly Together podcast also covers what Tina and Rob are learning about living, flying, raising kids and working together. This blog will be more of Rob’s entries as where the Learning to Fly…Together podcast is family centric. The are tenative plans to start a seperate podcast and blog in the future covering Amateur radio.

Please feel free to participate in the blog. Leave comments as you feel lead to. I love to help people about things I have some knowledge about and am personally dedicated to learning something everyday. Knowledge is power and blogs and the internet is a great way to build community and collabrate with like interests. So please participate and I thank you for stopping by RF Radiation.





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