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Split the feed for Learning to Fly…Together Podcast

While I am nursing the flu, I have got my laptop and able to get some computer housekeeping done. Tina and I launched a new podcast a few weeks ago chronicling our attemps at teaching her to fly, along with trying to be the best parents and spouses we can be. The listener breakdown looks like some were interested in the human story of our podcast and others were interested in the actual technical lessons on flying. So in an attempt to serve both type of listeners I split the feed depending on the content of the podcast.

The Learning to Fly…Together feed covers the general family, kid, couple, life podcast.

The Learning to Fly…The Lesson feed covers the acutal flight and ground lessons that I give Tina and the kids.

Both feeds are served by the Learning to Fly…Together Blog.

Feel free to subscribe and listen into our fun as a flying family….The Flying Fishers.


About rflog

I have been married for 23 years to my wonderful wife Tina. Have 4 awesome children ranging from 10-18 years old. I am an airline captain for a major airline and am teaching my family to fly. I am an Extra Class Amateur Radio operator, hence the blog title. My wife and I produce a podcast chronicling our eperience of teaching her to fly. The name of the podcast is Learning to Fly Together.


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